Red Carpet Style: Taymor Selected for Academy Award Gift Bags

Taymor Bath Caddy for the Academy Awards Gift Basket

Taymor’s Ultimate Bathtub Caddy has been curated for the 2015 Oscar (Top 70) Nominee Gift Bags! This is the third consecutive year that Taymor has been included in the $85,000 celebrity swag bags.

Although it's still too early to know who will be nominated for Oscars, these A-List nominees will
be given an exclusive Taymor design that will help provide the utmost relaxing bath experience
post-Oscars. Valued at $115 CAD retail, the Ultimate Bathtub Caddy features a wine glass
holder, reading rack, reversible mirror and candle holder for either taper or votive candles.
There’s also room for your essential bath products so you can bathe in candlelight while sipping
your favorite beverage while you either read or complete your facial care.

“We are thrilled to have Oscar press coverage for the third year in a row during the Pre-Award
Events,” said Randy Wright, Senior Vice President of Taymor. “This product is a must have for
anyone who wants to experience the luxury of the ultimate bath.”

About Taymor:

For over 60 years, Taymor has been dedicated to offering quality doorware, bathware, faucets
and commercial hardware to discerning homeowners and builders throughout North America.
Whether you prefer the clean lines of modern décor, the detailing of heritage styles, or your tastes
are somewhere in between; Taymor has a wide range of functional products in fashionable
finishes to help you create a cohesive look and underscore your home's architectural style.

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