How to Accessorize Your Front Door

Design Expert, Andrew Pike recently featured Taymor on The Marilyn Denis Show in a “Design Statement Front Doors” segment, which reveals some of Pike’s favorite quick fixes and design tips. Learn how to accessorize your front door and get a designer look without breaking the bank as Pike discusses the importance of color, lighting, plants and above all—how hardware and accessories can make your home shine. “The front door is not only one of the most important parts of the home, but it’s also one of the first things that meets the eye,” says Pike. “Your front door should be functional, secure and make you feel safe, but it should also be a design statement.”

Taymor doorware is prominently featured on the live show in 3 studio vignettes: Traditional, Transitional and Modern. Watch the video to find your style and learn how to get the look at home.

Keep these tips in mind:

• Choose a door that works with your overall style and personalize it with color, hardware and accessories
• Metal accents are an affordable way to update your house entry, anything from house numbers, door knockers, mailslots and kickplates make a huge difference
• When buying lights it’s important to pick a style that’s tied to the overall design. Some lights cast a soft overall glow whereas others cast light up and down in a modern beam
• You can’t go wrong with a touch of freshness; adding urns with fresh greens or flowers make a great impact that could last all season
• Doormats are a ‘homey’ feature that can be personalized to you, you can choose from a variety of styles and quirky statements
• Items such as candle lanterns are a multi-functional accessory that not only look good, but also provide light!